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25 May, 2017
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1958 Jaguar
XK150 Drophead Coupe

Starting bid: $50,000

3,442 cc, 180 bhp DOHC inline six-cylinder engine with two SU carburetors, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with coil springs, double wishbones and anti-roll bar, live rear axle suspension with semi-elliptical leaf springs and telescopic dampers, four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes

Wheelbase: 102 in (259 cm)

Courtesy of Byrnes Motor Trust and Chairman, James W. Byrnes

lot description

The car was purchased in 2013 by Byrnes Motor Trust and sent to the company’s restoration division, where it underwent a comprehensive nut and bolt restoration and was returned to its original, factory colour specifications.

The car has been driven less than 200 miles since the restoration was completed. EU taxes have been paid.

Shipping and all applicable taxes are the responsibility of the successful bidder. 

Any costs for modifications, including but not limited to country specifications, are the responsibility of the winning bidder.

Byrnes Motor Trust will additionally arrange for a respected marque specialist to inspect and service the car upon arrival and to provide relevant roadworthy certificate for registration.

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artist biography

Introduced in 1948 at the Earl’s Court Motor Show in London, the Jaguar Super Sport was the company’s response to a post-war hunger for beautiful, racy cars. The Super Sport went into production in 1950 as the XK120. Its stylish curves - clean, elegant, decidedly aerodynamic and in no need of garish chrome enhancements - caught the eyes and hearts of automotive enthusiasts across Europe and the United States. The car also caught the attention of speed buffs: the “120” designation coincided with the car’s capability of reaching 120 mph, laying claim to being the world’s fastest production car at the time. In 1955, the milestone XK120 evolved into the XK140, and in the spring of 1957, the XK150 was introduced. It stood as the most refined of the three XK versions. It has also been considered the sportiest, and its reputation has endured. Improvements over the XK140 were notable. While retaining the lauded XK styling, the 150 featured a wider body that increased interior space and comfort. A singlepiece wrap-around windshield with subdued chrome trim replaced the older split screen and, along with a larger rear window, provided better all-around visibility. The wider radiator grille and higher beltline were also evident distinctions, as were the reworked bumpers. Mechanically, the XK150 offered a significant performance and safety upgrade: four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes, just the thing to bring the car down from the high speed its 3.4-liter engine generated.

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