amfAR Gala Cannes
25 May, 2017
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Alec Monopoly
Director Monopoly, 2017

Starting bid: $200,000

Electroplated cast, acrylic and spray paint

96 x 72 x 42 in (240 x 180 x 107 cm)

Courtesy of Alex Monopoly and Artlife Gallery

lot description

This one-of-a-kind sculpture was created specifically for amfAR Gala Cannes by Alec Monopoly to represent the constant battle between business and creativity that takes place in Hollywood. Director Monopoly is also the largest sculpture Alec has created to date in his career as an ode to the larger than life nature of big budget blockbuster movies and capitalism that currently dominate the film industry. His use of bright and opulent electroplated chrome exterior over a hand-shaped white resin interior base signifies Alec’s view of both money and creativity as externalisations of our inner self.

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artist biography

“Alec Monopoly” is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist, originally from New York. The artist works primarily with street art in the urban environments of New York, Los Angeles and London using various materials, including stencils, spray paint, epoxies, varnishes and newspapers, to subversively depict the mascot of Monopoly. Since he first appeared on the streets of New York in 2008, Alec Monopoly’s Monopoly Man has become an emblem of the contemporary street art scene. Since then, the iconic character has graced the streets, gallery exhibitions and the collections of many art enthusiasts around the world.

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