amfAR Gala Cannes
25 May, 2017
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GIANTS, The Diver, Sculpture of Cleuson LIMA DO ROSARIO, 2017

Starting bid: $200,000

26.6 x 46 ft (8.11 x 14 m) 

Painted steel, serigraphy on aluminum and wood

Courtesy of the artist

lot description

In August 2016, JR created three large-scale artworks installed in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games that were inspired by the “perfect motion” of an athlete’s skill. Each of the three artworks represents a moment wherein an athlete’s self is sublimated by the physical language of the sport, which in its most perfect form is universal. Rather than photographing star athletes, JR chose subjects who were not known worldwide. Instead, it is the movement that is instantly recognisable - the perfect start of a dive, a breaststroke and a high jump. The work created for the amfAR Gala Cannes is inspired by the diver of the Rio Giants series. In this creation, a diver is poised at the base of Hôtel du Cap ready to plunge into the Mediterranean.

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artist biography

“Art allows the questioning of visual and intellectual perspectives and points of view” is a quote by JR, who is celebrated for bringing the sublime experience of art well beyond museum-going audience. From the poorest banlieues outside Paris to the Louvre, from Times Square to walls in the Middle East, from broken bridges in Africa to favelas in Brazil, observers interact with JR’s art, thus blurring boundaries between subject and spectator. JR’s work has been shown in Paris, Hong Kong, Miami and New York. In 2013, museum retrospectives of JR’s work were held at Watari-Um (Tokyo) and CAC (Cincinnati), followed by Frieder Burda (Baden-Baden) in 2014, HOCA Foundation (Hong Kong) in 2015, Centre Pompidou and Le Louvre in 2016 and Palais de Tokyo (Paris) in 2017. JR is represented by Galerie Perrotin, Steve Lazarides, Magda Danysz, Simon Studer Art and Springmann Gallery.

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