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25 May, 2017
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Be Part of Hennessy Legacy: from One Generation to the Other for 250 Years

Starting bid: $25,000

Maison Hennessy’s historic cognac, along with a sculpture

Edition 84 of 250

Signed by Arik Lévy

Courtesy of Hennessy, Moët Hennessy and Arik Lévy

lot description

This Hennessy•8, numbered n°84/250, was set aside for amfAR in tribute to year 1984, the first in which research grants were awarded by the AIDS Medical Foundation (AMF), amfAR’s predecessor, to support scientific and medical research on AIDS. For the first time ever, the Maison will offer the possibility of custom engraving a limited number of characters on the decanter’s lowermost ring. In addition to being signed by the artist, Hennessy•8 comes with a personalized authentication plate signed by Yann Fillioux. To complete this ensemble, the Maison Hennessy will offer you a made-to-measure lifestyle travel experience in Paris and Cognac, celebrating the French art de vivre with Hennessy.

A white glove delivery service will convey Hennessy•8 directly to its owner within 6-8 months (available for Austria, Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, HK, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and USA).

Detailed owner’s guide explains optimal conditions for care. Hennessy•8 masterpiece and its companion sculpture need to be stored in a dry place at 20-30°C and 50% RH. 

The stay in Paris and Cognac is for 4 days and 2 persons. The airfare, local transfers and hotel accommodations are included in the package. 

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artist biography

Since its founding more than 250 years ago, Maison Hennessy has never stopped reinventing itself. Driven by the passion for the exceptional, two families, the Hennessys and the Fillioux, have shared this adventure relentlessly striving for perfection and always ready to face new challenges. While preparing to pass the legacy into the hands of his nephew, current Master Blender and taster Yann Fillioux sought to create a unique cognac. Hennessy•8 is the culmination of Yann’s impressive life work, representing through n° 8 the number of generations and the symbol of perfection. Finally, it is a hymn to freedom and originality as the creators of Hennessy•8 were free to develop this cognac without worrying about replication.

The creation of a fitting carafe was entrusted to Arik Lévy, an artist who has collaborated with Hennessy for many years and whose approach is perfectly in tune with Hennessy’s “soul”. The eight-ring decanter made of hand-blown Baccarat crystal comes in a distinctive chest made of oak staves sourced from Hennessy’s cooperage. This piece of art will be displayed atop another, a custom sculpture to be designed by Arik Lévy and tailored specifically to the winner’s tastes and preferences, a bold and moving masterpiece in its own right.

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