Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean
28 September, 2017
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Bernard Bezzina
Hand Divition III “Ludus”, 2017

4.60 x 2.66 x 1.58 m (15 1/10 x 8 2/3 x 5 2/5 ft)

White bronze, Corten steel base

Unique piece, signed and dated by the artist

Courtesy of the artist

lot description

"A sphere balances atop the index finger like a juggling act and symbolises the perpetual spinning of the universe. The geometric arrangement of metal circles represent the earth’s axis and poles, planetary rotations and trajectories of celestial bodies, without beginning or end. Was Bezzina’s hand holding the object in its palm until it slipped free from its grasp? The index finger is pointing at our planet. A ball. A toy.

Playing with scale, the huge hand evokes ancient Gods while the small globe reminds us how much the embodied world weighs upon this delicate orb. This powerful hand is a metaphor for man, for his virtuosity and dexterity. It also represents the work of the sculptor, who models and shapes the earth.

A closer look reveals that the hand is cracked and cut, a sign of fragility. These cracks offer glimpses of the sculpture’s inner space where light plays with shadow, reflecting its external environment. The creative process is laid bare. The observer is offered a close-up view of the inner skeleton that holds up the shape and echoes the frame of the sphere teetering on the fingertip.

Bezzina takes whole shapes, breaks down their unity and reconstructs it as DIVITION. This duality between perfect shape and cracks suggests alteration, dried up river beds, tree bark, placing human beings within nature’s cycle, the biosphere.

The acrobat’s hand is warning us that we are playing a dangerous game with the climate’s ecosystem and that man has strayed from his axis between heaven and earth. Man’s toying with subtle forces could get out of hand and upset our balance". 

-- Jeanette Zwingenberger, Member of the International Association of Art Critics, art historian and independent curator

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