Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Auction 2016

20 July, 2016, 8:00pm CEST (Saint-Tropez, France)

Our Artworks

Lot 1
, _Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rolex_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 2
Chopard's Animal World Collection, _A Unique Pair of Luminous Jellyfish Earrings_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 3
, _Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar-Winning Cuff Links_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 4
The Revenant, _Essentials From The Film_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 5
Hollywood's Classic Car: 1950 Jaguar Mark V Drophead, _Signed by Hollywood Royalty_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 6
, _Spend A Week On Set With Martin Scorsese_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 8
Play In A Private Game Of Texas Hold Em Poker, _With Edward Norton & Jonah Hill!_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 9
Get A Taste Of The Wolf Of Wall Street Life, _Having Lunch in NYC With Leo's Co-Star In The Film, Margot Robbie_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 10
A Year In The Life Of The Biggest Movie Producer, _Be Harvey Weinstein’s Personal Guest For An Entire Year At The Most Important Events In The World_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 11
US Open Men's Final, _With Leonardo DiCaprio_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 12
This Is Not A Dream... The Eiffel Tower, Private, _Only For You_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 13
Historic Trip To The 3 Poles, _Explore The North Pole, South Pole & Mount Everest_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 15
, _A Special Private Evening With Andrea Bocelli_
Estimate -
Lot 16
Join HSH Prince Albert II Of Monaco, _For An Exclusive Experience in Monaco, Summer 2017_
Estimate -
Lot 18
Pablo Picasso, _Trois Poissons_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 19
Pablo Picasso, _Femme Assise_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 20
Jeff Koons, _Gazing Ball (Manet Spanish Singer)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 21
Damien Hirst, _Beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio Looking Away Painting_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 22
Marc Quinn, _Leonardo DiCaprio’s Eye Portrait_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 23
Urs Fischer, _$igh_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 24
George Condo, _Blue Diagonal Head_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 25
Cai Guo-Qiang, _Poppy Series: Animals No.2_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 26
Albert Oehlen, _Untitled (Baum 59)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 27
Kelley Walker, _Screen To Screen Diptych_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 28
James Turrell, _Toroweap_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 29
Jonas Wood, _Grid Pot With Pink Plant_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 30
Alex Israel & Brett Easton Ellis, _Heatwave_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 31
Mary Weatherford, _Rail Yard_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 32
Adrián Villar Rojas, _The Most Beautiful of All Mothers (VIII)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 33
Olafur Eliasson, _Green Outside, Gold Inside_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 34
Haas Brothers, _Fatty and Skinny_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 36
Bruce Little, _Monumental Lion Sculpture With Leonardo DiCaprio Inscription & Longleat House Visit_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 37
Adrien Brody, _Tiger On Last Legs_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 38
Jana Euler, _Radieuse_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 39
Evan Holloway, _Dodecastack From The Private Collection Of Leonardo DiCaprio_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 40
Tony Tasset, _Dolphin Fun_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 41
, _Harley Davidson Ridden By Arnold Schwarzenegger_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 42
Arnold Schwarzenegger, _Terminator Genisys Endo Skull_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 43
Arnold Schwarzenegger, _Conan The Barbarian Sword_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 44
, _Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Humidor, Cigars and Ultimate American Boots_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 45
Two Unique Environmentally-Themed Fiat Electric Cars, _Made Especially For The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 46
Lorraine Schwartz, _The Planet Necklace_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 47
What's Better Than One Of Bono's Guitars?, _Two Of Bono's Guitars, Plus A Surprise!_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 48
Experience The Impact Of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's Commitment, _To Protecting Elephants In The Wild In Kenya With Adrien Brody_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 49
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Palm Springs Home, _Will Open Its Gate For 12 Guests For One Week_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 50
Amilla Fushi, Your Island Home & Paradise, _The Maldives_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 51
Over Yonder Cay, _The Bahamas_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 52
Gualtiero Vanelli, _Ursus Arctos Horribilis With Engraved Message From Leonardo DiCaprio_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 53
, _Manchester United Experience_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 54
The Ultimate Awards Show Experience, _Presented by Dick Clark Productions_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 55
Voyage To The Deep With Project Baseline, _On R/V Baseline Explorer Boat_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 56
The Brando, _French Polynesia_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 57
Veronica Varekova, _Rwanda Safari Expedition_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 58
Sri Panwa Resort, _Phuket, Thailand_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 59
The Ultimate Tribute to Muhammad Ali, _GOAT Greatest of All Time_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 60
The Power And The Glory: Annie Leibovitz By TASCHEN, _Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 61
Be An Honorary Member Of Muse, _For A Full Day On Tour!_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 62
Giorgio Armani, _Made To Measure_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 63
Camille Henrot, _A Heron Helps Hercules Clean His Eyebrow_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 64
Harold Ancart, _Untitled_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 65
Jennifer Guidi, _Venus (Yellow Sand SF #5F Mandala, Pattern Ground)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 67
Rirkrit Tiravanija, _Untitled 2016 (Behold Your Executioners)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 68
Rirkrit Tiravanija, _Untitled 2016 (Less Oil More Courage)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 69
Rirkrit Tiravanija, _Untitled 2016 (Rich Bastards Beware)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 70
Rirkrit Tiravanija, _Untitled 2016 (Tomorrow Is The Question)_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 71
Blair Thurman, _Orchidarium_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 72
David Yarrow, _August, 2015 & Circle Of Life - Amboseli, Kenya_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 73
Sunset Dinner For 8, _At A Los Angeles Skyspace By James Turrell_
Estimate EUR -
Lot 74
, _An Evening with Mariah Carey in Las Vegas_
Auction Description

Simon de Pury

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the third Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation St. Tropez Gala. Chaired by the formidable Milutin Gatsby, the foundation has put together an exceptional event with top artworks curated by Lisa Schiff and unique experiences donated from people around the world.

Lisa Schiff has been doing an invaluable job in helping to secure very strong artworks and Andy Boose will be the expert producer of this stellar event.

Download auction booklet

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Founded in 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. Through collaborative partnerships we support innovative projects that build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.

LDF is currently underway supporting and funding more than 112 cutting-edge projects that directly address our climate crisis while protecting threatened ecosystems, endangered wildlife and indigenous communities in 48 countries and all 5 oceans.

Significant progress has been made in just the past year. The Foundation expanded our efforts to protect ocean ecosystems from destructive, rampant overfishing, to defend enormous swaths of rainforest against logging, to protect gorillas, elephants and black rhinos in Africa, to empower local indigenous tribes in the Amazon to protect their lands and rights, and to save wild tigers and snow leopards in Asia. Working hand in hand with our partners, local communities and leaders around the globe, we are making a difference.

We are extremely proud of all that we have achieved, but the threat facing our planet remains enormous – and time is quickly running out. The next several years are critical. We can move our planet in the right direction, but there is a lot of work to be done.

Charitable auctions like this one help us generate the funds necessary to empower our partners on the ground around the world. We are excited to share this amazing collection of artwork, unique items, and incredible experiences that have been so generously donated to our effort this year. All the funds raised through this effort will help us turn the tide in the battle to protect our beautiful planet.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a component fund of California Community Foundation, a registered 501 (c)(3) US organization. Gifts may be eligible for a tax deduction, please consult your tax advisor.

Thank you.


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