12 June, 2017, 8:00pm CEST (Basel, Switzerland)

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Auction Description

UNAIDS is pleased to welcome you to its third annual Where History is Made gala. 

Every four minutes, a child is infected with HIV. Without treatment, half of all children living with HIV will die by the age of two and most will die before their fifth birthday. 

Where History is Made is a public–private partnership that focuses on ensuring that all children are born free from HIV, that their mothers have access to life-saving medicines and that all children living with HIV lead healthy lives. The collaboration has helped to raise visibility and new funds for UNAIDS’ work since 2013.

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS–related deaths. UNAIDS unites the efforts of 11 UN organisations – UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank – and works closely with global and national partners towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.



1. All bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn.

2. Every effort has been made to describe auction items accurately. However, all items are sold "as is" and "where is" without warranty or representation of any kind to its accuracy of description, authenticity, value or fitness for any purpose.

3. By participating in the auction, each bidder recognises and agrees that UNAIDS is not liable for any occurrences stemming from the use of the auctioned items or services. All sales are final. Refunds and exchanges are not allowed. Successful bidders will be responsible for applicable taxes and any shipping or delivery costs, even if arranged by UNAIDS.

4. All auctioned items are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the donors. Purchases that are subject to future fulfilment, such as travel and entertainment items, depend on the schedules of both the purchaser and the donors of the items. UNAIDS is not responsible if mutually agreeable times and location cannot be reached. All packages must be fulfilled within one year of purchase or within the time period reflected in each individual lot description.

5. All items have been donated to UNAIDS for the auction. These items are sold by UNAIDS and not by the donors. All contributions to UNAIDS are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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