MTV RE:DEFINE 2019 Art Auction & Gala

29 March, 2019, 8:45pm CDT (Dallas, Texas)

Our Artworks

Lot 1
Tyrrell Winston, Can’t Ignore Me Now, 2019
Sold for $10,000
Lot 2
Will Martyr, The Way I Know You, 2018
Sold for $11,000
Lot 3
Henry Hudson, The walk my brother and I took, 2019
Sold for $16,000
Lot 4
Zoe Buckman, Veiled, 2019
Sold for $8,000
Lot 5
Edmund de Waal, What fierce brightness IV, 2019
Sold for $22,000
Lot 6
Peter Gronquist, Warm, 2019
Sold for $8,000
Lot 7
Philip Colbert, Untitled I, 2018
Sold for $34,000
Lot 8
Daniel Arsham, Eroded Les Paul, 2019
Sold for $24,000
Lot 9
Tom Price, Synthesis C1, 2015
Sold for $9,000
Lot 10
Howard Tangye, A Stranger Came, 2018
Sold for $8,000
Lot 11
Dave White, Lion, 2018
Sold for $18,000
Lot 12
Bernar Venet, 9 Acute Unequal Angles, 2015
Sold for $55,000
Lot 13
Clementine Keith Roach, Libation II, 2018
Sold for $9,000
Lot 14
Anthony James, 24” Cube, 2019
Sold for $35,000
Lot 15
Marc Quinn, History Painting (Chaos) Venezuela Opposition Protest (Caracas 3 May 2017) RWCBOY, 2019
Sold for $160,000
Lot 16
Marc Quinn, The Archaeology of Social Networks (LPMQ Algorithm Type R), 2019
Sold for $450,000
Lot 17
Frank Bowling, Andrew brought greetings from Allen Jones, 2018
Sold for $11,000
Lot 18
Helen Beard, Sheela-na-gig, 2019
Sold for $8,000
Lot 19
Minjung Kim, Red Mountain, 2016
Sold for $42,000
Lot 20
Jake Wood-Evans, Lady de la Pole, after George Romney, 2019
Sold for $32,000
Lot 21
Jason Shulman, The Wizard of Oz (1939), 2017
Sold for $15,000
Lot 22
Charming Baker, All I want is the courage to hide behind my own sense of self belief (white), 2011
Sold for $17,000
Lot 23
Chris Levine, Grace Jones - Stillness at the Speed of Light, 2013
Sold for $40,000
Lot 24
Private portrait with Inez and Vinoodh
Sold for $18,000
Lot 25
Rafael Nadal Experience, Meet Nadal at Flushing Meadows (2 tickets)
Sold for $12,000
Lot 26
New York Fashion Week Experience
Sold for $15,000
Lot 28
Massimo Agostinelli, Welcome to In Car Nation, 2016
Sold for $8,000
Lot 29
Ryan Hewett, Untitled, 2019
Sold for $35,000
Lot 30
Jason Seife, Untitled, 2018
Sold for $10,000
Lot 31
Damien Hirst, All you need is love love love, 2008
Sold for $37,000
Auction Description

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, in collaboration with The Goss-Michael Foundation has announced the featured art for the live auction at MTV RE:DEFINE 2019.

The benefit auction of twenty-five curated pieces of contemporary art and luxury experiences, a headliner performance by global superstar Rita Ora and an After Party by Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin Present: Giorgio’s will take place on Friday, March 29, 2019, at The Statler Dallas, an iconic and historically significant hotel in downtown Dallas, TX.

This eighth annual gala event, chaired by Merrill Lynch Dallas Vice President Sami Abboud, co-hosted by MTV RE:DEFINE co-founders Joyce Goss and Kenny Goss, will honor celebrated artist and longtime MTV RE:DEFINE supporter Marc Quinn.

Honoree Marc Quinn has generously donated two artworks produced exclusively for MTV RE:DEFINE: an immense 1400 kg (3086.47 pound) glass-beaded bronze sculpture and an oilon canvas painting.

MTV RE:DEFINE, an annual charity art exhibition and auction, was founded in 2011 by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and The Goss-Michael Foundation. It has grown to be one of the leading events on the contemporary art calendar.

MTV Staying Alive Foundation is an international content-producing and grant giving organization dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV among young people. The Foundation creates and distributes challenging and entertaining HIV-prevention content across MTV channels globally and with third-party broadcasters. Alongside this, the MTV Staying Alive grants program finds and funds young people who are tackling the HIV epidemic in their communities. To date, MTV Staying Alive Foundation has been able to distribute more than $6 million of grants to youth-led organizations globally. Through investing in young leaders, the foundation has facilitated the distribution of over 9.7 million condoms, reached more than 3.8 million young people directly about HIV, and HIV-tested over 270,000 young people in 72 countries. The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is registered as a UK charity and as a 501c3 charitable organization in the United States.

The Goss-Michael Foundation is one of the leading contemporary British art collections in the United States. Founded by George Michael and Kenny Goss in 2007, the collection includes many important artists in contemporary art including, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Marc Quinn and Michael Craig-Martin. In addition to displaying the private collection, The Goss-Michael Foundation supports an Artist-in-Residence program, exhibits select international artists on a rotating basis and works with significant Texas-based artists as part of its (FEATURE) program.

Through generous donations from leading artists and support from local and national philanthropists and sponsors, MTV RE:DEFINE has raised over $12.5m to date.

The eighth annual MTV RE:DEFINE benefit will take place on March 29, 2019 at the Statler Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

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